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Many Years Guiding: As good As you can find and extremely helpful

About our Guide Service

Jim Followed the same path as Mike, from Colorado to the Green River and back to the Private Ranch Guiding in Colorado. He has a house in Dutch John, therefore he still does summer trips on the Green or on Flaming Gorge. His winters now are guiding off a traveling boat in the Caribbean.

Guide: Jim Cohen

Guide: Terry Collier

Terry has Been a guide on rivers and lakes for over 45 years. He recently sold his River permit on the Green River so that he could concentrate on the Flaming Gorge lake. There are so many good fish throughout this beautiful fishery and Terry concentrates on the area near the dam and up into the canyon for 30 miles.

Guide: Mike Sergeant


  1.     Lake Trout (Mackinaw) They attain a very large size in the cool  deep waters of the lake and are in good numbers. We can fish for them in several ways.
  2. Rainbow Trout: great fly-fishing or spin fishing adversaries and at times create more excitement than going  after the giant Lakers. We have Cicadas, Wasps, and other terrestrial insects that can be on the water fairly heavily  and they can attract some exciting Rises from both beautiful rainbow trout and small mouth Bass. Of course many fishermen troll lures for the Rainbows and Kokanee.
  3. Small Mouth Bass: You will find them at different Depths thru the year, and you will fish for them tight to the ledges and structure.
  4. Kokanee: Depth is the key throughout the seasons, find the right depth and fishing should be good.

Carp: Usually saved for the fly fishermen who pursue them like fishing flats in the ocean.

Mackinaw Fishing

Imagine yourself floating in a Jet boat or Flats boats, drifting among towering cliffs over thousand feet high, and on water that could be over 300 feet deep. The canyon walls in most areas are straight cliffs above the water level. The guide has you perched over a shelf somewhere between 60 feet and 120 feet. You've dropped a weighted Jig to the bottom and working it up and letting it fall back, when the line goes slack at first you are startled by the slack line, then instantly a response makes you set the hook. initially It  feels as though the hook has set into  a car body which has abruptly been put in gear as your line rips off the reel.

This is one of the large Lake Trout  (Mackinaw) and you better get set for a heavy battle, akin to a weight training session.

Mike began his guiding career in Colorado many years ago, then switched to the Green River in Utah in the late 80’s. His restless spirit then carried him to many private Ranches in the West and finally to San Diego Bay in the Winter & Flaming Gorge in Summer.

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